Cybersecurity challenges in maritime environments are also similar to those seen in oil and gas. Cavalry's ability to seamlessly navigate the idiosyncrasies supporting Maritime assets has allowed us to partner with some of the world's largest operators of sea born vessels, working hand in hand to foster collaboration and cybersecurity program improvements.

1. Today's Challenges in Maritime Cybersecurity

Post-Commissioning Oversight: Post-deployment visibility in maritime cybersecurity is often neglected, leading to vulnerabilities in software managing critical vessel operations.
Emerging Standards: The International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) is introducing pivotal cybersecurity standards (UR E26 and E27) that will redefine cyber safety protocols for maritime operations starting January 2024.

2. Cavalry Solutions: Fortifying Maritime Cybersecurity

Proven Expertise: With a history of securing some of the largest Floating LNG (FLNG) and maritime infrastructures, Cavalry is at the forefront of maritime cybersecurity.
Our Approach: We employ a tailored strategy to elevate your OT cybersecurity posture, seamlessly integrating new technologies and refining processes aligned with your business objectives.

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3. Explore Additional Resources
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