Consulting Services


Cavalry’s Consulting Team is a focused client-facing consulting team for assessing, designing, and implementing highly secure and critical environments focused primarily on the OT (Operational Technology) space. Our team is comprised of highly experienced individuals, many of whom are prior-service veterans, with decades of experience deploying security and infrastructure solutions across the globe. We ensure all our engagements are completed successfully by understanding our client’s business challenges and opportunities to offer an end-to-end solution both from business process and technical security. We are committed to our internal teams and to our customers.

Strategic Security Assessments

Alignment with Organizational Cybersecurity Objectives: Our assessment services are characterized by a collaborative approach, ensuring alignment with your organization's strategic vision. By engaging with your technology and business leaders, we gain a comprehensive understanding of your cybersecurity objectives, critical system dependencies, and operational vulnerabilities. This sets the stage for the development of a robust security program that resonates with your organizational ethos and risk appetite.

Standards-Based Approach: At Cavalry, our approach to OT-centric assessments is guided by the principles outlined in the ISA99/IEC 62443 series of standards and technical reports. We believe that aligning with these standards provides a common taxonomy of concepts and terms, making our recommendations more accessible and easier to adopt within your organization. Our process goes beyond assessing technical viability or security risks; we evaluate the operational approach used to maintain critical platforms, ensuring a holistic understanding of business risks within your OT environment.

Architecture & Design Services

Data-Driven Cybersecurity Design: Following our assessments, our team leverages data-driven insights to engineer a comprehensive cybersecurity architecture tailored to your requirements and risk profile. Our designs are meticulously documented, technically sound, and budget-conscious, ensuring alignment with project stakeholders and mitigating risks of scope deviation.

Risk-Centric Architecture: Our architecture and design services prioritize risk management, with every aspect of the architecture assessed for vulnerabilities to security threats. By focusing on risk mitigation, we aim to minimize the impact of security incidents by safeguarding vital systems. We employ strategies such as network segmentation and secure conduits to enhance the integrity and resilience of your cyber ecosystem.

Technology Agnostic Solutions: We understand that agility and technical excellence are paramount in optimizing your security posture. That's why we prioritize vendor-neutral recommendations, driven by a meticulous analysis of your control gaps. Our solutions are tailored to address the specific challenges and threats present in your unique operational technology (OT) environment, ensuring the highest level of protection without being bound by vendor affiliations.

Deployment Services

Strategic Planning for Optimized Deployment: Acknowledging the complexities of regulated environments, meticulous planning is paramount to prioritize reliability and availability. Collaborating closely with your team, we develop detailed communication strategies to synchronize updates with your business workflows and security policies. Our systematic approach ensures seamless integration, meeting cybersecurity criteria and enhancing overall system reliability.

Robust Cybersecurity Defense Implementation: Our network cybersecurity services entail meticulous configuration and deployment of multi-layered defense mechanisms. Our expertise ensures seamless integration into your organizational processes, empowering effective response to cyber threats. Rigorous testing and validation guarantee that deployed network cybersecurity services offer organizations the confidence they need to defend against malicious actors and protect critical assets."

Comprehensive Documentation: Consumable documentation serves as a crucial blueprint for understanding and managing technology infrastructure. By effectively documenting systems, configurations, and processes, organizations ensure operational efficiency and facilitate seamless response to incidents and threats. A Key component to Cavalry’s managed deployment services includes a comprehensive documentation framework, covering the creation and maintenance of detailed records of configurations, procedures, and deployment changes. Our goal is to provide a consumable resource for ongoing support and future reference.