Securing operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) systems in the chemical sector involves unique challenges due to the sensitive and potentially hazardous nature of chemical processing and production. Here are key points that often need to be addressed:

1. Complex Regulatory Landscape:
The chemical industry is subject to stringent regulatory requirements for safety, environmental protection, and data security. Ensuring compliance while securing OT and IT systems can be intricate and demanding.

2. Integration of Diverse Systems:
OT systems used in chemical plants are often a mix of old and new technologies. Ensuring these systems work securely and cohesively with modern IT networks is a significant challenge.

3. Cybersecurity Threats:
Chemical plants are high-value targets for cyberattacks due to their economic importance and the potential for significant disruption. Protecting against such threats requires specialized knowledge and constant vigilance.

4. Safety and Continuity:
Any security measures must also prioritize the safety of the plant and its personnel. This means systems must be secure without compromising the operational integrity or causing downtime.

5. Intellectual Property Protection:
Chemical formulas and processes are valuable intellectual property that must be protected from espionage and theft, necessitating robust IT security measures.

6. Physical and Cybersecurity Convergence:
Ensuring physical security measures are well-integrated with cybersecurity strategies is crucial to protect against both digital and physical breaches.

7. Supply Chain Vulnerabilities:
The interconnected nature of supply chains can introduce security vulnerabilities, requiring comprehensive security strategies extending beyond the immediate OT and IT infrastructure.

8. Incident Response and Recovery:
Developing and maintaining an effective incident response plan for potential cyber incidents is critical to minimize impact and restore normal operations swiftly.
For the chemical industry, addressing these challenges often requires a multi-faceted approach that includes technological solutions, employee training, and the implementation of robust policies and procedures.

Much alike securing the oil and gas industry, the chemical industry is faced with diverse challenges due to the wide array of products and processes requiring unique considerations impacting customers' overall approach to cybersecurity. Cavarly's experience with Chemical supply chain challenges, regulatory landscape, operational difficulties allows us to act as a true cybersecurity partner for our customers.