Who We Are///

Cavalry Solutions is a Veterans Owned Small Business, with the methods and techniques used today in solution and services delivery originating in lessons learned as the US Marine Corps began to train a new type of specialist to help with the transition from mainframe based SNA environments to client/server computing and TCP/IP networks in the mid 1990’s. Members of our team were charged with building and operating large communications infrastructures in support of joint services (Army/Air Force/Navy/Marine Corps) exercises and deployments across the globe. This experience designing, implementing, and operating these highly secure and critical environments set the tone for the group and continues to inform decision making today.


After entering the civilian sector just prior to 2000, Cavalry’s leaders focused their skills on helping organizations apply critical infrastructure and security practices across all areas of their business. Integration of process control and industrial systems became a reality in many of the enterprises for which the team worked while developing its skills on some of the first market participants in the newly deregulated energy market.

The team was recruited to the upstream side of the Oil and Gas industry and gained international experience in all major oil producing markets around the world, specializing in rapid transformational implementations of technologies like Unified Communications and Virtualization (the “internal” cloud of today).

For over a decade, Cavalry’s core people, processes, and tools have been honed and tested in the public consulting market with some of the most challenging and interesting problems, use-cases, and solutions to sharpen them into what they are today. Cavalry is ready to respond to ANY infrastructure or security challenge that threatens your organization.

For more information on the team including individual bios, please visit our LinkedIn site.