Our Approach///

solutions-diagramCavalry Solutions, LLC (Cavalry) provides information technology consulting and systems integration services focused on real-world results to business constraints and problems. The leaders of the organization have led and managed deployments across many different technology disciplines in every populated continent of the globe and have built a reputation for dependable delivery and mission accomplishment when other organizations have failed.



  • Controls Frameworks
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Governance Risk Compliance
  • Security Incident Response


  • Reference Architectures
  • Strategic Roadmaps and Planning
  • ITIL Practice development
  • Acquisitions and Divestitures
  • Transition Services Management


  • Solution Development
  • System and Application Optimization
  • Business Resiliency
  • Zero-Trust Security Models
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Complex Integrations


  • ICS Security Controls
  • Critical Component Management
  • Availability Management
  • Performance Management
  • Event Management

Cavalry can GUARANTEE the success of the projects we are engaged by our customers to perform on their behalf or help by acting as a collaborative part of internally led teams. There are no surprises in our efforts, with a continuous feedback loop that drives all the way to the senior leaders of the organization. Our years of delivery expertise in difficult and challenging scenarios has helped us build both a strong set of delivery and oversight processes which are used in every effort, and a well-trained, practiced, and battle tested team of experts driven to success (as defined in the initiation of every effort).

Mission accomplishment is not only a possibility when you "Call in the Cavalry", it is the only acceptable result.

Cavalry offers FULL TRANSPARENCY in all aspects of our work. The plans, processes, and approach we use for delivery are openly shared and discussed with our clients, so much so that many of our proposals include time to "mentor" the internal resources we may be augmenting to help them mature their own abilities to deliver even more successfully after we have moved on to other projects. All risks, issues, constraints, and delays are communicated to our customers in a clear and useful way as soon as they are identified, so that the key decision makers who hire our teams are always in complete control of the services they receive. Every effort billed by a Cavalry resource provides real and tangible results supported by line item task level details available for review and challenge at any time.

Cavalry is completely CUSTOMER FOCUSED and is accountable to its customers only. The organization is designed to work in their best interests at all times. We seek to understand the problem and the goals of an organization before we propose solutions, and we NEVER REPRESENT ANYONE BUT OUR CUSTOMERS. We propose the right strategies and solutions for our customers without any bias or influence, period.

Cavalry employs a QUICK BIAS TO ACTION. While a significant amount of our work is strategic in nature and develops over time as we help organizations define their plans and develop coherent actions, one of the major values we offer our customers is our ability to respond to crisis situations (with salient examples including security incidents, major acquisitions, critical application performance Issues, and catastrophic systems outages). The Cavalry incident response teams are well seasoned and utilize a network of resources spread across 23 countries. When you're up against a wall and don't see success in your IT projects, call in the Cavalry.

Cavalry doesn't fail, and Cavalry doesn't quit until the mission is accomplished.